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Home Checks Include


  • Check home room by room for signs of problems.
  • Check windows and doors
  •  Keep a log to meet your home insurance requirements 
  • Bring in mail, flyers and newspapers
  • Check furnace is on and functioning properly
  • Check hot water tank is functioning properly and check for leaks
  • Check electrical panel ensure all breakers are functioning properly
  • Water your indoor plants
  • Monitor the house temperature  flush toilets( if needed )
  • run faucets in cold weather to keep pipes from freezing (if needed)
  • Check the exterior of the home for any vandalism or damage
  • Check interior of home for issues i.e. mold, pests, water damage etc..
  • Relay any urgent messages to the homeowner regarding the property
  • Follow instructions from home owner to rectify any issues
  • Report any property issues to your insurance company promptly (as required by most policies) upon your instruction 
  • Additional concierge services are available upon request

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Concierge Sevices


A la Carte Concierge Services

Concierge Services can be added to purchase of home check services 

  • Snow Removal from driveway
  • Airport drop off
  • Airport pick up
  • Stock fridge with groceries for return
  • Fresh flower bouquet upon return
  • Small pet care (ask for details)
  • Arrange to be at your home for receipt of goods/services as required
  • Start and run car once a week
  • Other services upon request!

If you have questions.... We make sure you feel confident and educated every step of the way.

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    Nancy Bandy

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